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Young Blacksmith

Once upon a time there lived a young boy called Billy Turner. He was a son of a poor village blacksmith. One day, he was playing with his friends in the village, when suddenly he noticed a beautiful girl on a horse who passed by. When the girl's scarf fell down, Billy picked it up and ran after her. He gave her the scarf and introduced himself. The girl said: '' thank you'' and smiled. It was love at first sight. Before Billy managed to ask her for name, the girl was gone.


A few days passed as every day Billy was helping, as every day, his father in the blacksmith shop. When suddenly rich lord and his daughter. It was the girl who Billy had already met in the village. Both were overjoyed to see each other again. As soon as the Lord began to deal with the blacksmith, Billy immediately asked for her name. She was called Elizabeth. Billy wanted to show her round the village, but when she asked her father if she could go out with Billy, the father said with disdain: "You will not play with such a poor boy!" But as soon as he came home he noticed that his daughter was unhappy. He asked her what had happened, but she did not answer, so he did not mind. Elizabeth got on her horse and went to the village to play with Billy and his friends.


She did this day by day for one month. But one day a rich lord noticed that his daughter wasn't at home. Immediately he realized, that she had gone to the poor blacksmiths village! He got angry and he started out his journey to Billys village. At that moment, when he was passing the blacksmith shop, he saw his daughter and Billy. But he could see his daughter happy with these poor children and he calmed down. Lord decided to change himself. When Elizabeth came home he  had been waiting in her room. Elizabeth was afraid that her father had found out about her relationship with Billy, she was afraid of saying anything. Then her father said: "I was really stupid when I thought that it would be better for you not to play with such poor kids as Billy. I apologize. From now on, you can visit Billy every day and if you and your friends want you can come and play in our home. " Elizabeth was really happy and hugged her dad.



Next day they invited Billy and his father for lunch at their chateau. Lord and Mr. Turner became a great friends and lord made Mr. Turner a court blacksmith of their residence. And what about Billy with Elizabeth? They lived together happily until the end of their times.



Once upon a time there in mysterious land a large country was situated surrounded with a lot of small islands around. But the the people from the land never sailed to islands because there lived the worst barbarians they could ever imagine. However one of the islands was inhabited by people from the land. This island was full of gold and precious stones, which islanders used for trade with people from the land.


Once a merchant called John sailed on the island to trade, but he was caught by a strong storm, which led his ship to cliffs of an unknow island. Altought John was one of the best sailors, he wasn´t able to protect his boat from dangerous cliffs. He shipwrecked. He set off to explore the island with sailors who had survived. They were scared of each crack of a branch or every leave rustling. Barbarians could appear at any moment and kill them all. Suddenly the thing they had been scared of came to happen. Barbarians appeard from the forest with terrible screaming. They looked completely different from John and his crew. They wore just pieces of leather and their skin was decorated by colorful ornaments. Barbarians tied up all the members of the crew and took them to their village.


They spent the whole day tied. In the evening barbarians made a big fire and started to dance accompanied by the sound of drums. Everything was set up for the evening of death when our friends were about to be killed. Then barbarians started to untying them. Suddenly their shaman shouted: „Stop it! They have a right for the last wish. What do you wish?“ He asked John. „I ask you just to listen to us and then decide if we should really die.“ The shaman said just „right“ and called him up to speak. John started to narrate. „During our journey we were caught by a strong storm, which led our ship to your island. We don´t want to hurt you. We just want to get back home, but we need your help with buliding a new ship. This is the only way to achieve it. We don´t want to disturb your live here on the island.“ The shaman decided: „Ok, we are not evil. We just don´t like aliens because they always want to steal our gold. But I can see you are different and kind. You haven´t got any weapons, so we will help you with building a new ship.“ As he said, it  happend. Side by side they build a new ship and John with his crew got back home safely.


All survivors realised that everything they had known about barbarians wasn´t true and there was no reason to denounce them or avoid them. Since that time barbarians and people from the land have been living in peace.